Last updateTue, 27 Jul 2021 2pm

Leaf blower concerts

It’s time again to curse leaf blowers.

With the shelter-in-place recommendations still pretty much in effect, and people unable to escape assaults on their senses, leaf blowers, after an hour or so, will send you into a boogaloo frenzy, and not voluntarily.

Leaf blower usage is technically violating current Jalisco noise pollution laws.  For those on condo and fraccionamiento boards capable of understanding such laws, it means leaf blowers are loud and disturbing, the kind of loud that can rattle pots and pans and neural networks. Short of a motorcycle revving up for twenty minutes on your terraza, few things, including Joshua at Jericho, have the power to shake your roof tiles like the fury of a gas-powered leaf blower.

Not only that, but they can murk up every breath you take with nasty grit and dirt, known to the emergency team rushing you to the hospital as particulates (herbicides, pesticides, dung and allergens). Leaf blower complaints from residents already mentally unnerved from the pandemic protocols continue to rise year after year.


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