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Adventures in invasive surgery, Part II

Following from last week’s tale of surgical restoration, my new doctor gave me a new date. New hope. New life. 

This, by virtue of body part retreads. Let’s call it what it is. But I have to admit I got my money’s worth out of my original wheels.

Surgery was easy, being numbed from the waist down and never feeling a thing, not even knowing my knee repair was under way.  Am I the only one who lay on a gurney, wondering why anesthesiologists couldn’t just shoot you up on call – freelance – whether you were having surgery or not? Anesthesia, I thought, should be a part of a healthy exercise routine, but I knew it would never happen, not with the lobbying power of Big Yoga.

Once completed, this repair and restoration of both knees took less than two hours.  Surgery went well. And I was sure that within days I could recover all limbs like a starfish.

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