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How to sleep the whole night through

Do you ever find yourself lying in bed staring at the closet doorknob wondering for hours at how marvelous an invention it is?

Then you probably have some kind of sleep disorder, or an abnormal relationship with your doorknob. Sleeplessness is a growing health problem. While discussing this with three of my friends, I discovered that one in four people are insomniacs. We have a lot on our minds these days, most of which are felonies.

I’ve been told that a good night’s sleep is one of the best defenses against disease as I’m starting to feel really old at age 73.

For some, sleepless nights may be eased by correcting habits in your nightly routine. Don’t drink too much caffeine. Don’t try singing yourself to sleep. Don’t take on battles with the police at late hours. Don’t begin serious work projects before going to bed, especially if you are an animal trainer. Don’t sleep on a vibrating bed.

I have tried everything to get myself to sleep. And lately I’ve been enticed by “sleep-inducing natural supplements.” Now recommended everywhere, these are panaceas for every dysfunction. Colagen and turmeric, coQ10 and echinacea, saw palmetto and acai, vitamin E and selenium, vitamin C and Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Bingo N42.


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