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The mysterious madness of misogyny

Most men I have known think highly of women, notwithstanding common gender challenges and exes who wind up personal enemies.

But over a lifetime observing societal attitudes and examining accepted human history, I believe women have been short-changed and misunderstood, a result from something I call The Eve Stigma.

The word misogyny, while dating back to the 17th Century, began occurring in modern use about 20 years ago, according to the American Psychological Association.  And it may be describing something that’s a recent phenomenon, even though it’s been around through scripture since Eve’s night courses with a snake (something that, admittedly,  would have worried me, too).

Not surprisingly, it started the whole process of a woman-bias for Christians, because somehow sexuality took on an evil side. No one is quite sure how. So let me quote Adam. “Lord, she’s cold to me. She says my surgery scar is a turn-off!”  (That’s somewhere in Genesis. If you can’t find it, it’s right here in print for you.)

Misogyny became brain-stem deep.

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