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Why we laugh & how to tell a joke

There’s actually a  socio-psychological science of laughter. It’s called gelotology. Its participants meet at Stu’s Diner every third Thursday of the month. It’s that intense.

So as retirees, maybe there are some things you don’t know about laughter and humor?

Laughter is health-inducing. It releases dopamine, increases blood flow, strengthens the heart and boosts our immune system. But this does not happen if your laugh is fake. Fake laughs are politeness when somebody doesn’t get the joke or like the joke or wants to discuss serious things like recent science news that the Earth is starting to spin faster than it should. True, per SciTechDaily. (In the latter case, nobody is in a laughing mood. Understandable. Imagine taking a walk and noticing that a planted tree is following you.) So there’s a proper group and time for a joke.

Now, laughter and humor can take various forms.

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