The ‘Ghost Park’ in the Primavera Forest — will the silence soon come to an end?

Many years ago, deep inside the most primitive part of the Primavera Forest, I came upon a network of beautifully paved roads which meandered over and around rolling hills covered with pine trees, while skirting the deep, jagged canyons so typical of this forest.

pg8cPicture-perfect streets leading nowhere are not what you’d expect to find deep inside the woods and I had the impression I had just entered a country club or a well-to-do condominium, except for the fact that there were no houses to be seen anywhere and no people either ...  only an awesome silence which seemed to say, “Here abide only ghosts – and you are not welcome!”

I said there were no people to be seen in this place, but while cruising about and thoroughly enjoying the unusual sensation of driving on a surface free of potholes, I came upon a solitary human being.

His name was Fernando and he welcomed me as if he had grown tired of the company of ghosts. He also informed me that I was cruising around the private property of the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE). To my surprise, I learned that he was the watchman for this “Ghost Park,” but that he also acted as a guide for occasional visitors. A combination watchman and tour guide? Only in Mexico!

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