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From high mountain to lush jungle, when it comes to biodiversity, Tequila has it all

There are two things you may not know about the municipality of Tequila:

pg8aFirst, it is home to a great volcano, nearly 3,000 meters high, the most important landmark in the vicinity of Guadalajara.

Secondly, the same municipality also encompasses a 570-meter deep canyon called La Toma Valley, featuring tropical foliage and picturesque waterfalls.

Tequila Volcano and La Toma Canyon are only 14 kilometers apart, with the town of Tequila wedged in between. From the bottom of the canyon to the peak of the volcano is a vertical distance of over 2,000 meters

The highest point in Tequila county is the tip of La Tetilla (The Nipple), a needle-like spine or volcanic plug that rises from the volcano’s crater. Here, at 2,920 meters (9,580 feet) above sea level, you need to bring along a jacket, even on the hottest day of the summer. Remarkably, it’s actually too high for pines and most other trees. So what you find at the very peak could be called “accidental bonsais” — stunted trees that can only grow as high as a bush.

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