Last updateFri, 31 Jul 2020 1pm

The dry season beckons … let’s go camping!

Now that the temperature is rising and the weather report predicts zero percent precipitation, why not dust off your tent and spend a night communing with the crickets and counting the stars?

The secrets of El Sauz de Cajigal

El Sauz de Cajigal is a pueblito – population 120 – located 100 kilometers east of Guadalajara. Never heard of it? I can’t blame you, because I couldn’t find mention of it on any map I consulted.

Reflections upon a dead telephone

Waiting for Telmex to come fix your non-functioning landline telephone offers all kinds of hidden benefits: no more wrong numbers asking to speak to Rosita; no more pesky calls from Sky trying to sell you (for the 100th time) a more expensive package you’re not interested in; no calls at all, in fact.