July Fourth: hot dog haven

There comes a time in the life of every father when he must face that inevitable question: “Hey dad, why are they called hot dogs?”

pg16Even amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans will surely devour millions of hot dogs as they celebrate the nation’s independence on July 4. Multiple stories spice up the history of the hot dog – not all of them true. What is fact is that the wiener and frankfurter have found cherished places in American hearts (and stomachs!).

Even with the resourcefulness of the Internet at one’s disposal, this is not something that most of us have the inclination to research ahead of time, in preparation for the day when junior gives voice to his curiosity.

OK, so the sausage has been around for thousands of years, and many souls probably stuck them in buns or pieces of bread without ever thinking of the riches that could come their way had baseball existed in the Dark Ages.

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