New mural complements eye-catching apartment tower

Ajijic artist Jesús López Vega will show off his latest mural Saturday, August 15, 4 p.m., at the corner of calles Niños Héroes and Zaragoza in the heart of downtown Chapala.

pg13aHis depiction of the legendary lake goddess Michicihualli and related symbols is painted on an exterior wall of the multi-colored apartment building owned by Candace Spence and Bob Klug, who commissioned the work.

The couple purchased the property in 2006 from the family of a former Chapala mayor and one-time owner of the Hotel Nido (now City Hall). Painted flat white inside and out at the time, over the next 18 months of remodeling work they transformed the building into four rental units and a top floor flat as their own living quarters.

Candace, an artist in her own right, lent a Mexican flair by selecting a pallet of bright hues for the interior décor and segments of the exterior differentiated by varied roof lines. The new López Vega mural adds a final eye-catching touch to one of Chapala’s most distinctive buildings.