Letters To The Editor - December 08, 2018

Dear Sir, 

A few weeks ago I received a funny meme from one of my sons. It was a picture of a billboard. Emblazoned with the Green Grinch with the words, “Stop Moving to Ajijic, Its full!”

I have no idea where he got this. I’m sure it was off the internet. Somebody happened to see it and did a fair job of photo-shopping Ajijic into the picture.

Naturally when I saw it I laughed!  But actually there is some truth to that statement.  

This past Saturday I attended the meeting of Chimalli Ajijic on the square. It was designed to inform us of the pending construction of new residences in the mountains near the Tepalo Falls - heading west towards Rancho del Oro.

I listened with interest. Some very good points were made against the project, especially the almost tearful plea from a lifelong native resident to save our mountains, lake, animals, flora, etc.

I admit, that speech did tug at my heartstrings.   

I too, moved here for the beauty, peace and quiet. For the mountains, the lake and all the other benefits that living here at Lakeside has to offer. Although I have only been a “permanante” for a few years, I have come to love my adopted country, as much as those of you that have been here for decades. (I still struggle with the rockets, however.)

The most important reason not mentioned as a “negative to developmental construction” by the group is the terrible state of our current infrastructure.  This is not undue criticism. It is a fact — due to rapid growth and poor planning on the part of government officials.

One only needs to look up at the power poles to know that our electricity is tenable at best. At the first sound of thunder we lose power! Some are blackouts, brownouts, or half the house has no service.

The water systems need to be addressed as well. Some areas have water so brown it looks more like iced tea and certainly not fit to drink.

Plumbing?  Black grocery store bags do come in handy for recycling unmentionable stuff!

TV, internet and cable? Depending on where you live some services are better than others.

Traffic? It’s a nightmare!  We only have one main road through town that is backed up, both directions, every day. I have yet to drive the Carretera when all the traffic signals are functional. That would be considered a basic safety issue.

There is literally no place to expand and improve the roads here, unless we plan to bulldoze the entire Carretera and start over. (Sarcasm, people!)

Parking is nonexistent.  And we could certainly use some good, properly placed directional street signs that indicate when a road is ONE WAY.  I am convinced I have an angel who has spared me from golf carts, four-wheelers, and unfamiliar (sometimes uncaring) drivers going the wrong way on certain streets.

And if you read the real estate ads, there are no more houses to sell. So I guess we are full!

That being said, I am not opposed to good, proper, environmentally considerate growth. New growth can be a good thing. Lower taxes ,for example.

However, too much cement and not sustaining the ecology will certainly make lakeside less attractive. Think LA, Dallas, etc.

I have no desire to see Lakeside turn into Puerto Vallarta “Lite”.

Perhaps the south side and other areas of the lake that are not so crowded could be promoted better. But that being said, the infrastructure must be in place first, not an afterthought.

If government leaders are truly interested in the future growth and tourism of Lakeside, these serious issues must be addressed now, before we begin to encourage and permit new housing developments.

Until that happens, the cartoon was a bit prophetic.

Stop moving to Ajijic? Well ... we are full!  

Ella Frew, Ajijic