Letters To The Editor - January 26, 2019

An open letter to musical theater aficionados.

Dear Lakeside arts fan,

As you may know, thanks to the Teatro Diana in Guadalajara and to the fine bus service provided by Viva La Musica, Lakeside opera fans have enjoyed the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD program series for quite some time.

After exploratory discussions for the Met to consider Lakeside as a new venue, I have obtained a production license with the Met and its Mexico licensee, Auditorio Nacional.

This agreement allows us to organize a non-profit organization to produce the Met Live HD broadcasts right here at Lakeside … including English subtitles.

As I see my role limited in scope, there are three requirements for the Lakeside arts community to take advantage of this Met opportunity: first, the license to produce HD live here locally, so check this off. Second, a convenient and appealing venue for screening the shows, and third, a local support group — an Opera Guild — to provide support and (limited) funding in order to sustain the broadcasts year to year.

Without going into more details here, I invite you to consider joining me in the formation of initially an informal, non-profit Guild which can assist in accomplishing the number two and three requirements.

If you or someone you know is interested in bringing a totally new arts’ experience to Lakeside, please contact me at the telephone number or email address below. I am happy to reply with a brief fact sheet to bring you totally up to date.

Howard J. Willis, Ajijic

Tel: (376) 766-5631, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.