Letters To The Editor - February 23, 2019

Dear Sir,

What ever happened to tolerance?

I saw, with disbelief,  the article and photo on the front cover of the February 16-22 Reporter of two U.S. citizens in a confrontation over President Trump’s policies.

Remember when Trump was running for president and the Democrats were saying, “If he doesn’t get elected, his supporters will be running through the streets with pitchforks.”  Well, seems the situation is quite the opposite.

If you are a supporter of Trump’s policies, you are the one being harassed by the intolerant.  Can’t even go to the coffee shop in peace.

As for using your employees to harass your fellow citizens, I feel for your misled employees.  This is a cruel attempt to get others deported because they don’t agree with your political views.  Shame, shame!

Irene McKinley

Dear Sir,

Another intolerant liberal decided to provoke an incident. Apparently, his efforts backfired a bit.

It seems the liberal way to create strife is to pay others to do the dirty work, thereby absolving themselves of any blame for the confrontation that may occur.

In my opinion, the U.S. employer who chose to “hide behind his employees” is a coward.   Personal experience makes me doubt he would be unable to carry on an intelligent rational conversation with out screaming childish profanity.

When the boss chose to come and see how his little “stunt” was progressing, he got a bit more that he bargained for – mostly well-deserved I believe, since the article stated he is known for harassment of others.  

It is becoming clear that most people, not just conservatives, have had enough of the boorish liberal resist-at-all-cost mentality.  They are tired of continually being attacked over politics. At some point, intentional provocation is bound to escalate to the next level.

Since this “business owner” wants Trump supporters to leave Mexico, I would like to offer him (and other liberal business owners who share his opinions) a few suggestions and consequences of that mindset.

Please put a sign on your place of business stating that you are a “liberal owed business.” 

I, being on limited income, will come into your store and demand you give me what I want for free. I deserve my free stuff because I don’t have a job.

Most likely, I just won’t spend my money with you.  

You see, there are a lot more non-liberals in this town than people realize.  We are non-confrontational. We vote with our purse strings. 

At the end of the day follow the golden rules. Treat others as you wish to be treated, with consideration, kindness and respect.  If you knowingly choose to do otherwise, be prepared for the consequences you may be provoking.

Said Robert F. Kennedy: “What we need is not division; what we need is not hatred; what we need is not violence and lawlessness, but  love and wisdom, and compassion toward one another.”

In case you’re wondering, I consider myself PC.

A proud conserva-tarian: fiscal conservative and social libertarian.

Ella Frew, Ajijic