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Samadhi Café: Haven for the beer-obsessed teutonophile

When your first opportunity to eat currywurst is inside a massive, drafty suburban shopping mall in Guadalajara, Mexico, you may find yourself meditating upon the un-predictable ways the strands of our complex human universe are interwoven. Also, reflections on the au courant issue of cultural appropriation may occur, being that this dish (an already-Frankenstein-esque German street food staple created by a Berliner housewife using local sausage, ketchup, and curry powder courtesy of British soldiers) is prepared by Mexicans in the tiny kitchen of a Mexican-owned business. 

New stage for Hollywood chef

Former Hollywood chef German Gonzalez will now be seen in Jocotepec in a new larger venue.

German, the owner of a chic 25-seat bohemian restaurant called Rincon de Frida in the town center on Hidalgo Sur, is soon to transform that establishment into a 70-seat restaurant, name intact, and move it to the grounds of the well-established Posada El Pescador hotel on the carretera. 

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine

Wine lovers visiting last weekend’s Vid Forum fair enjoyed the opportunity to taste and stock up on dozens of different labels from around the globe. 

Regional food fest in city center

The Fourth Encuentro Regional de Comida Tradicional y Popular Jalisco (Traditional Regional Cuisine) will set up in the plaza facing the Instituto Cultural Cabañas from Friday, February 24 through Sunday, February 26. Organizers say this is a good opportunity for people to learn  how to prepare representative dishes from Jalisco and nine other western Mexican states – some of the dishes are in real risk of disappearing, organizers say. Dozens of booths will be showcasing a large selection of foods, while free tastings are offered each day from 2-4 p.m.

Jardin de Ninette: Eurozone menu, Paris-trained chef

Once you enter the modest Jardin de Ninette’s restaurant entrance, you encounter one of the most recommended new sites in Ajijic. There’s a small interior dining room, clean, tidy unpretentious. But another outdoor atmosphere sprawls back 40 meters into a quiet reserve behind the main building.