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Four dead as criminal gang is busted in Colonia Chapalita

A major security incident resulting in the deaths of three alleged criminal gang members rocked the leafy Guadalajara neighborhood of Chapalita Monday, April 19.

A gun battle ensued after police officers responded to a call reporting suspicious activity in a property located at the intersection of Avenida Chapalita and Capuchinas.

The carnage kicked off when an officer who knocked on the door of the house had it slammed shut in his face after he noticed people with weapons inside.

As he radioed for assistance, two armed men appeared and began firing at him. The officer took cover behind a car, a woman crept up behind him and tried to overpower him. This was all recorded on a surveillance video that was made public soon after the incident, going viral on social media.



As gang members from inside the house fired at police officers arriving at the scene, groups of people trying to flee the property could be seen on the rooftop. Some escaped into the street and an adjoining house – later revealed as a second gang hangout – but were rounded up as back-up officers quickly sealed off the entire area.

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