Last updateFri, 25 Nov 2022 8am


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Walmart implements self checkout system

The lakeside branch of Walmart, located at the intersection of the Chapala-Jocotepec highway and Libramiento bypass, recently introduced a self-checkout system as a remedy for a shortage of cashier personnel.

According to store manager Leo Morando, the new system is proving to serve as an adequate substitute for human cashiers, significantly reducing long checkout lines that were a constant aggravation to clientele during peak store hours.

Customer service employees are available on every shift to assist shoppers unfamiliar with self-checkout procedures. Some staffers speak English and the machines also offer various language options to guide customers.


Morando notes that some initial wrinkles in the system are being ironed out. Customers should be aware that purchases registered in self-checkout are limited to 20 items at a time. To pack groceries as you go, place one product in each shopping bag before placing it one on the scale and ringing up the price.

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