Covid falling but fatalities increase?

Although the latest reports indicate that Covid-19 cases are diminishing throughout Mexico, the number of deaths caused by infections during a single 24-hour period of the virus’ “fifth wave” reached their highest level on Tuesday, July 26.

The federal Ministry of Health (SSA) reported 30,697 infections and 152 deaths from Covid on this day.

The death rate has also increased in Jalisco, where daily reports of the fatality toll have been replaced by weekly totals. According to the University of Guadalajara Covid Health Panel, 19 deaths from the disease were reported between July 10 to 16, while last week’s figure shot up to 33.

Hospitalizations in the state have also increased, noted the Red de Infecciones Respiratorias Grave  (Serious Respiratory Infections Network), with nine IMSS hospitals now reporting their Covid-designated beds fully occupied.


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