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Mexican employees granted extended annual vacations

The Mexican Senate Thursday approved increasing the number of paid vacation days employers are obliged to give their workers.

The law change means that after their first year of employment, workers will be entitled to 12 days of paid vacation, double the current figure of six. Paid vacation will increase by two days each subsequent year of service, up to five years. After five years, employees will be entitled to two additional days for every five years of employment.

This law change means that an employee who has been with a firm for five years will be entitled to 20 days vacation annually, instead of the 14 under the current law. And an employee with 30 years of service will get 30 days of paid vacation instead of 24.

Senator Patricia Mercado of the Movimiento Ciudadano, the bill’s chief promoter, said employers will benefit from the reforms in the long run, as their workers will be happier, stay longer in their jobs and be more productive.

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