Mariachi Festival: Cabañas to host three mega-concerts – without an audience

The 27th edition of the International Mariachi and Charrería Festival will be dedicated to the health care workers who have bravely continued their labors throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

pg4The festival, scheduled September 14-20, will feature around 30 separate events, transmitted on various digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and the festival website, as well as on national television.

Instead of the usual gala concert to open the festival, this year’s inauguration will see something markedly different, when mariachi bands visit a hospital to bring some joy and inspiration to doctors, nurses and other medical staff. This unique event can be viewed digitally on Monday, September 14, 10 a.m.

With no nightly concerts scheduled at the Teatro Degollado this year, the Patio Mayor of the Cabañas Cultural Institute will serve as the main music venue, although the public will not be admitted to the events.

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