Last updateFri, 19 Oct 2018 7am

Pop-up ads: the battle lines are drawn

There was a time a few years ago when the internet was getting to a point that many popular websites were almost unusable as a result of the large number of pop-up advertisements.  A lot of people were getting fed up.

Marking 35 years of Mac viruses

The Jardin of San Miguel was recently the scene of an amicable conversation I had with a Mac user who insisted there was no such thing as a Mac virus.  I am a Mac user too, and perhaps I have a little better memory on this subject.  As promised, here is a much abbreviated chronology.

ISP, CFE reliability improves in Mexico – Can it get much better?

In a recent conversation a friend of mine used the expression “two nines” in referring to the fact his most recent round of golf had been played on a nine-hole golf course and he had done two nines to complete his eighteen-hole round.  “Two nines” is also an expression from the lexicon of Information Technology professionals about which I will elaborate more in a moment.

Understanding why computers sometimes turn into tortoises

It’s sooooo slooooow!  A couple of weeks ago I warned readers that this was a complaint I frequently hear from clients about their computers and that I was sure to have more to write on this topic than would fit into one column.