Last updateSat, 07 Dec 2019 10am

Password breaking points

It most definitely does not fall within my area of expertise, but based on what I have read, the average person can only take so much Chinese water torture or pokes from a cattle prod before they break. 

The legal vacuum of emojis

Members of my generation are sometimes confounded by the changes in our language that have been brought about by modern technology, specifically texting on smart phones. 

Understanding email errors & failures

“Why didn’t my email go through?” The protocol for sending emails is called Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) and when it fails there could be hundreds of possible reasons why that happened.

Explaining passwords

A password is a sequence of characters used by computer users to verify their identity, or to control who has access to things such as email, bank accounts, etc.

The perils of hyperlinks

A reader of the Guadalajara Reporter wrote to me asking if I could help him out by explaining what a link in an email is. The answer is simple; it is that thing in an email I said you should never, never, never, never, never, never, never, ever click on!