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Letter To The Editor - May 11, 2024

Dear Sir,

Making a difference:

After this year’s Lake Chapala Society AGM held in March, several members told me they wished I could have spent more time talking about the future. I fully agree.

Letter To The Editor - May 04, 2024

Dear Sir,

I’m responding to the Letter to the Editor submitted by the Lake Chapala Society (LCS) Board in the April 27 edition of this newspaper, which contained inaccuracies about myself and my actions.

Letters To The Editor - April 27, 2024

Dear Sir,

The Lake Chapala Society Board of Directors would like to respond to the “Good Trouble” Views & Voices column by Dale Palfrey in the April 13 edition.

Letters To The Editor - April 20, 2024

Dear Sir,

As a person with 20 years of professional experience using amplified sound equipment, I would like to respond to your recent story about the noise conflict in Puerto Vallarta.

Letters To The Editor - February 24, 2024

Dear Sir,

In response to the article in last week’s Reporter, “Lakeside Artists Alliance Unravels,” I feel the need to clarify the financial standing of the organization known as the Ajijic Society of the Arts (ASA) before it was changed to Artist’s Alliance.