Last updateFri, 15 Feb 2019 10am

A visit to La Taberna de la Reina: ‘If tequila is king, raicilla is the queen’

“Have you ever seen how they make raicilla, John?” asked my friend JP Mercado. Well, I had been told that raicilla was a kind of moonshine made in the mountains somewhere near Mascota, but beyond that I knew nothing, so when JP offered to take me to a taberna (rustic distillery) where they make it, I signed up on the spot.

The Blood Moon Eclipse over Tortuga Dam

La Presa de la Tortuga is a small body of water located 20 kilometers west of Guadalajara and accessible from Highway 70. Last Sunday, my friend Rodrigo Orozco suggested we go for a hike in the wooded area west of this lake.

Camping & bird counting on the Salty River ... a not-so-hot dip under a starry sky

Because it is the early bird that gets the worm, only an even earlier birdwatcher gets a photo of that bird. Bearing this in mind and recalling that this December is the coldest I have ever experienced in these parts, I asked myself how I could cover this year’s annual Bird Count without having to rise at 5 a.m., drive somewhere in the dark, arrive bleary-eyed at some plaza and stomp around shivering – still in the dark – waiting for things to get underway?