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Heading for PV? Stop at the ruins of Ixtlán del Río, the ancient link between Chapala & the Pacific Coast

I recently spent a night at the beautiful crater lake of Santa María del Oro. Along the way, I convinced my fellow travelers that we should stop at the archaeological site of Ixtlán del Río, which is located 100 kilometers northwest of Guadalajara in the state of Nayarit, and is conveniently situated just off Highway 15, the toll road to Puerto Vallarta and Tepic.

visits obsidian artisans

“I read about Don Eleno’s obsidian workshop on your web page (Ranchopint.com) and would like to visit it next month. I’m a U.S.-based industrial designer, originally from Belarus.”

My love affair with e-books

The most common reaction to e-books (on the part of pre-millennials) is, “I’m a romantic. I love the heft of a real book, the crinkle of real paper, the musty smell of a classic riddled with wormholes ... and besides, I can’t stand reading anything on a computer screen.”