Last updateFri, 16 Feb 2018 7pm

Jalisco ranks number one in vasectomies

Jalisco has many things to distinguish itself on the national and international stage, be they iconic cultural exports (tequila, mariachi) culinary treasures (torta ahogada, birria) or economic achievements (currently no. 1 nationwide in employment). 

Jalisco governor backs marijuana legalization

During a recent debate in Guadalajara concerning, among other things, the proposed legalization of marijuana in tourist areas around Mexico, Jalisco governor Aristoteles Sandoval stated that  “what’s killing our youth is the [illegal] traffic in drugs, not the consumption of marijuana.”

Country & Nevado de Colima ravaged by cold front

Weather patterns across Mexico are chilling its citizens – often ill-adapted to such frigid airs – to the bone, as well as throwing a wet blanket (made of snow, rain and fog) over plans vacationers might have had with regards to a popular recreational destination: the neighboring Parque Nacional Nevado de Colima.

GPS app leads police to stolen car

A phone call to 911 and use of a cell phone GPS tracking application guided Tonalá police to the location of a car stolen from a lakeside home, recuperation of other missing possessions and the arrest of the suspected thieves in a single day.