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North Banderas Beat - April 10, 2015

Beach Cleanup

The volunteers who show up at the monthly beach cleanup in Bucerias on April 11 will be in for a surprise. Vallarta Bagel World has offered to supply fresh baked cinnamon rolls to the first 25 volunteers who spend their morning combing the beach for items to put in their trash bags.

City Living - March 27, 2015

Altar of sorrows

Although a practice that has repeatedly fallen in and out of favor over the centuries, the creation of symbol-filled altars dedicated to La Virgen de Dolores (the Virgin of Sorrows) has served as a traditional prelude to Semana Santa (Holy Week) for generations of families native to Guadalajara and Western Mexico. Observed exactly seven days prior to Good Friday, Viernes de Dolores falls this year on March 27. 

Visitors can view one of these elaborate, candle-lit altars in the Museo de la Ciudad de Guadalajara (City Museum) on Independencia 684, in the city center. The altar will be opened at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 27 and be open for public viewing through Thursday, April 2.

Pioneer advocate for children’s rights passes away

Rogelio Padilla Díaz, the founder of Movimiento de Apoyo a Menores Abandonados (MAMA), the highly respected organization that provides support for the legion of children and adolescents living and working on the streets of Guadalajara, died this week at the age of 62.

Democrats Abroad GDL to host voter drive/film screenings

The Guadalajara chapter of Democrats Abroad (DA) has programmed a series of events, beginning Sunday, January 28, that combine cinema with get-out-the-vote action – action with the primary aim of diluting U.S President Donald Trump’s congressional alliances vis-a-vis the Senate and House elections in November.