Last updateFri, 12 Oct 2018 11am

Mexico’s health takes hits in international forums

In multilateral meetings around the world, policies related to junk food, mother’s milk and access to medicines and vaccines — all widely thought to have been moving in a direction favorable to underdeveloped countries such as Mexico — have taken a turn in the opposite direction. 

Mexico responds to Trump tariff decision

Barely two months after stating he would temporarily exempt Mexico, Canada and the European Union from the steel and aluminum tariffs (25 and 10 percent, respectively) recently applied to China and other countries, U.S. President Donald Trump has decided to include those entities much earlier than expected in what may be the start of a protracted trade war.

Trump inspects prototype border walls

Last Tuesday, U.S. president Donald Trump paid a visit to a bare patch of desert outside of San Diego to inspect border wall prototypes, looking over them in the baking heat not unlike, perhaps, the way a demanding fashion designer peruses a series of fabric swatches.

Is the smoke clearing? Or is it smoking?

Tah-dah! The U.S. tax bill is the law of the land.  Lots of major changes, too many to go over, but I will select just a few income tax items worthy of note to those who live and play outside the United States.That’s Mexico, for us!