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The ghosts and goblins of Tala

Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. John Wright came to Mexico to study pyroclastic flows: great “rivers” of incandescent volcanic ash that flowed across the landscape some 95,000 years ago when a huge, explosive volcanic eruption occurred not far from what is now Guadalajara.

‘Ancestral watercolor’ exhibit launches May Culture Festival

Getting a head’s start on Guadalajara’s 27th Festival Cultural de Mayo on May 2 was the opening of “Acuarelas Ancestrales” (Ancestral Watercolors), an exhibition of  paintings by local muralist Jorge Monroy, to be displayed at the Casa Feria in the city’s historic center throughout this month.

Jalisco’s 10,000-year love affair with obsidian

Archaeologist Rodrigo Esparza has been studying obsidian for 20 years. In a recent online conference sponsored by the University of Guadalajara, he summed up his observations about this volcanic glass which played a vital role in the history of Mexico.