Last updateFri, 12 Apr 2019 2pm

The dry season beckons … let’s go camping!

Now that the temperature is rising and the weather report predicts zero percent precipitation, why not dust off your tent and spend a night communing with the crickets and counting the stars?

The secrets of El Sauz de Cajigal

El Sauz de Cajigal is a pueblito – population 120 – located 100 kilometers east of Guadalajara. Never heard of it? I can’t blame you, because I couldn’t find mention of it on any map I consulted.

Reflections upon a dead telephone

Waiting for Telmex to come fix your non-functioning landline telephone offers all kinds of hidden benefits: no more wrong numbers asking to speak to Rosita; no more pesky calls from Sky trying to sell you (for the 100th time) a more expensive package you’re not interested in; no calls at all, in fact.

Returning to the Río Caliente Spa eight years on

Anyone searching for a fine, natural, hot-water spa on this continent at the beginning of this millennium would have heard about and perhaps ended up staying at Río Caliente Spa, located inside the Primavera Forest only 12 kilometers due west of Guadalajara.