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The capital offers excellent dining options for Easter

If you’re looking for a place to visit over Easter but don’t want to find yourself surrounded by loud, drunken hordes, skip the beach and consider Mexico City. The traffic will be less frenetic, the air cleaner, the museums and restaurants less crowded.

A date with Belabot & Michibot

In a naked move to capitalize on the current interest in AI, I decided to accept an invitation to eat at El Gato in Guadalajara, and to write about the experience.

Celebrating the New Year in style in the city of roses

Don’t you love the idea of being in large festive places on New Year’s Eve, with lots of people reveling, music that might make conversation challenging, a promotional prix fixe menu with a bottle of indifferent prosecco included, and being surrounded by inebriated strangers laying sloppy kisses on one another at midnight while a pandemic lurches into what will soon be its fourth year?