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Revisiting the Internet’s ‘Stone Age’ as far back in history as the 1990s!

Over the years I have made it a tradition at this time of year to look back on the most important news events in the world of Information Technology.  This year I am having a bit of difficulty deciding what is really worth reviewing.  Microsoft released Windows 10 (yawn), Apple introduced a smaller iPad (ho hum), and there was more of the same news about government snooping and the erosion of personal privacy.  As I looked back on the tech-related news of 2015 I found myself looking even further back and discovered something much more interesting.

Tech industry spawns confusion with its interchangeable language

As I write this I have just finished a telephone support call made all the more difficult by a failure to communicate.  I really want to blame this problem on an Englishman by the name of Peter Mark Roget, but in truth he did not create the problem in 1805; he just documented it and quantified it.  The real problem is that the English language has so many synonyms and there is no consistency or agreement amongst technical people as to how they should be used.