Last updateFri, 23 Oct 2020 11am

Dressing casual without getting stared at

There’s a certain look that says Hawaii, the splashy-colored, billowy shirts imprinted with large dolphins, palm trees and hula girls. Or, Miami, with the pastel colors and Panama hats. All indicative of a local fashion.

The mystery of misogyny

Can there really be something as distorted as unfounded, aimless hatred for the opposite sex, whom we cherish and depend on so much?

What’s God talking about?

Easter 2019 is behind us. With the Christian divinity unified,we have to begin the process again of listening to His wisdom, that is, all the things He’s trying to tell us.

I want my ‘Incognito’ back

Gmail has started to read my emails and answer them. Just like the message bot who asks you to tell him what you want so he can guide you to the right call recipient, Gmail is now getting pro-active and telling you how to answer your emails.