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Returning to the Río Caliente Spa eight years on

Anyone searching for a fine, natural, hot-water spa on this continent at the beginning of this millennium would have heard about and perhaps ended up staying at Río Caliente Spa, located inside the Primavera Forest only 12 kilometers due west of Guadalajara.

Jalisco’s new laws to curb noise: A progress report

If you think you have a problem with the occasional noise of firecrackers or fiestas, pity the poor souls who live next door to one of those cantinas or salones de eventos from which a window-shaking barrage of ear-splitting music blasts away all night long.

A visit to La Taberna de la Reina: ‘If tequila is king, raicilla is the queen’

“Have you ever seen how they make raicilla, John?” asked my friend JP Mercado. Well, I had been told that raicilla was a kind of moonshine made in the mountains somewhere near Mascota, but beyond that I knew nothing, so when JP offered to take me to a taberna (rustic distillery) where they make it, I signed up on the spot.

The Blood Moon Eclipse over Tortuga Dam

La Presa de la Tortuga is a small body of water located 20 kilometers west of Guadalajara and accessible from Highway 70. Last Sunday, my friend Rodrigo Orozco suggested we go for a hike in the wooded area west of this lake.