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Hefty tome celebrates 100 years of Conciertos Guadalajara bringing great music to Jalisco

There was standing room only at the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce auditorium on Friday, March 10 for the presentation of a book outlining the history and contributions of Conciertos Guadalajara, an organization that – since the founding of the city’s Symphony Orchestra in 1916 – has been bringing the world’s most famous soloists to the Degollado Theater and many other venues in Jalisco.

La Manzanilla’s Crocodile Sanctuary: Bigger, better than ever

“Mexico’s biggest crocodile sanctuary is only 20 minutes from here,” I told my sister-in-law while relaxing on a balcony overlooking the beautiful bay of Cuastecomates, near Barra de Navidad. She opened one eye and gave me a glance that seemed to say, “A cocodrilario? Ah, yes, toothy monsters that never move a muscle, piled topsy-turvy behind a cyclone fence. Boooooring!”

Michoacan’s Water Folk: a disappearing way of life

“La Gente del Agua” by Dr. Eduardo Williams is a 416-page book, in Spanish, representing 20 years of study of the “fishers” – as he calls them to avoid gender prejudice – who live on the shores of lakes Cuitzeo and Pátzcuaro in Michoacán. 

Los Hervores: Jalisco’s forgotten spa

Nowadays every other renovated hacienda is advertised as a spa even though there may be no mineral-rich spring anywhere near it, and, of course, the rates for hotel/spas can be sky-high.