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Turning biomass into gas shows potential of Mexico’s agricultural waste products

“Bioethanol is coming to Mexico,” said energy researcher Dr. Arturo Sánchez. “Within a few months, you’ll find it at every gasolinera.”

For the moment, this plant-based fuel is mainly coming from the United States, where 30 percent of its corn production is now turned into ethanol. “We don’t produce enough corn to do that,” said Sanchez, “but our sugar cane and tequila industries do produce great quantities of bagasse and 70 percent of it is sugar that’s just going to waste.”

Puente de Calderón Ecopark: Enjoy surprising history, easy hiking and a cooling mist, all for ten pesos

The northeastern “finger” of the strangely shaped state of Jalisco has characteristics all its own. It’s called Los Altos because the altitude is typically over 1,800 meters (1.12 miles) above sea level. The ecosystem there is rather unique: mostly flat grassland, but just about the time you’re ready to pronounce it “boring,” you discover that this prairie land is cut by the deep and dramatically beautiful 150-kilometer-long Río Verde Canyon, dotted with majestic waterfalls and numerous hot springs.

Saturday-night camping alongside the Little Ducks River & soaking in a natural hot pool under a starry sky

A few weeks ago I wrote about Parque Ecológico Los Hervores, a delightful recreational area created by Don Roberto Castro on the shores of the Patitos (Little Ducks) River, located 42 kilometers north of Guadalajara, near San Cristóbal de la Barranca. The big attraction on this bend of the river are 14 hissing, bubbling and even banging geysers, making this the only geyser park I know of in the state of Jalisco.

Technovation gets Mexican girls excited about computer science

I walked into the Tec de Monterrey’s impressive Centro de Congresos and found it buzzing with excitement. At 26 stands around the perimeter of the hall, groups of teen-age girls were holding enthusiastic discussions with visitors like me who had come to watch the 2017 Technovation “finals” for Mexico.