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Empanadas, eggs, lamb & hot cross buns

You won’t see many chocolate eggs in stores in Mexico. Rather, the Mexican staple during Lent is the empanada, a flaky crust folded into a triangle and containing cheese, tuna, mushrooms, potatoes, strips of chilis and other non-meat fillings.

Central Mexico struts its culinary stuff during 3-day festival

Plaza de Liberacion, centro historico’s largest public square, sees a lot of things: mangers featuring terrifyingly large facsimiles of biblical personalities and hooved desert pack animals, the largest number of agave jimadores ever assembled in one place, countless mariachi concerts, and more.

Easter fun for Tapatios

A 70-something Tapatio recalls Holy Week in Guadalajara: “When I was a child, there was no radio, we didn’t go to the movies.