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New assisted living home offers community, productivity & fun

“It’s the really tiny things that matter at this age,” says Rebecca Holt. “‘I just feel hot,’ someone will say.  I’ll get a clip-on fan and put it on the person and let them cool. ‘My legs feel so uncomfortable,’ they’ll say.  I’ll get some coconut oil and give a little leg massage.  It doesn’t take much at all.

Iran hostage hero also remembered for his courage in Guadalajara

On November 5, 1979 (40 years ago this month), the Iran hostage crisis began as militant students stormed the United States Embassy in Tehran, seizing its occupants. It began 444 days of captivity for 52 U.S. citizens, including Consul General Richard Morefield. The crisis dominated the headlines and still impacts U.S.-Iranian relations today.

Local, Grammy-nominated composer returns home

Juan Pablo Contreras’s roots are deep in Guadalajara, where he was raised and continues to exert a strong influence, despite spending about a decade in the United States to pursue advanced musical studies on both coasts.