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An Orthodox Rabbi, food fit to eat & kosher tequila

Rabbi Abraham Srugo comes from an Orthodox Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish tradition. That means, among many other important religious habits, eating kosher food. Kosher, briefly, is food that has been prepared in keeping with the complicated network of Halakhic laws, based in parts on Leviticus, the Talmud, and Rabbinic law. A large part of the focus of kosher is on eating “clean” food as it has been perceived by Jewish authorities over the course of thousands of years. Major violations of kosher include eating animals not slaughtered to specification, mixing meats with dairy, and consuming seafood that lacks fins and scales.

US expert is guiding spirit in world of tequila

David Ruiz would say he was born into his current line of work. He’s an independent tequila consultant, sharing knowledge of Mexico’s most famous spirit with a diverse clientele, from private label brand developers and venture capitalists to bartenders and sommelier-professors. You can find him escorting foreigners around Jalisco, starring in online videos (how to choose a proper tequila drinking glass) and organizing the World International Tequila Conference.

Canadian School brings high educational standards

Guadalajara’s upmarket Providencia neighborhood is home to an ambitious new school recently accredited by the one of the finest education systems in the world.
Founded last August, the Canadian School has just been accredited in Alberta, a province twinned with the state of Jalisco since 1999. It is the first Alberta-endorsed school in Latin America and one of only six worldwide, reveals the principal, Dr. Peggy Tally.

A vision of Mexico under the leadership of Peña Nieto

In the words of some opinion makers, presidential frontrunner Enrique Peña Nieto is little more than a vapid frontman for a reinvigorated but still largely untrustworthy political machine unable to shed its decades-old modus operandi based on favor and graft.