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Drug war fuels boom in ‘narco-lit’

Over the last couple of years, Mexico’s war on drugs has spawned a deluge of non-fiction books brimming with all the components of action-packed thrillers. With “narco-” among the most commonly used prefixes in contemporary Mexican culture, this new literary genre shall hereby be known as “narco-lit.”  Featuring an unsavory cast of corrupt police officers, crooked politicians, young street-level criminals and fugitive billionaire drug lords, these page-turners revolve around plot devices such as kidnappings, mammoth drug hauls, gunfights and gruesome executions.

Pioneer registered nurse promotes women’s health issues over three decades

Improving the reproductive health of local women has been a lifelong passion for Silvia Flores. Born in Durango, Flores became one of the first women in Mexico to be educated as a registered nurse. She graduated from the University of Durango on a full scholarship and with a specialty in obstetrics. Today, she is one of Mexico’s foremost advocates of family planning, sex education, women’s health and education against domestic violence. Besides her Centro de Desarrollo clinic in Ajijic, where she sees patients daily, she extends her experience to the Tepehua Community Center in Chapala, gives classes in local schools and advises engaged couples under the auspices of the Catholic Church. She took time from her busy life last week to talk to Jeanne Chaussee about her career.

Sara Hradecky: in her own words

What do you think the future holds for the Canadian economy, specifically in regard to trade with Mexico?

The Canadian and Mexican economies have weathered the storm in the economic downturn of the last few years much better than the United States, which they rely on for more than 80 percent of their trade. In the last year, Canadian-Mexican trade has gone up 15 percent and there are signs that it will continue to grow … Mexico’s presidency of the G20 is global recognition of Mexico’s increasing leadership on financial issues at the world stage and of its own economic management, and there’s been a  lot of cooperation between Canada and Mexico within the G8 context on issues relating to global financial and health and global economic matters, so we’ve two relatively strong economies working together quite closely.

Chapultepec: Pedestrian heaven, not downtown and not a mall

Avenida Chapultepec, the 14-block-long stretch of walkway bordered on two sides by lush shrubs, trees and traffic, may have been eclipsed by the newer Plaza Andares as the spot for the upper classes to see and be seen, but the newly beautified boulevard nevertheless seems to have reached its zenith, offering chic and fun for Guadalajara’s middle class of all ages.

The fine art of smoking Habano cigars

A 23-year-old Tapatio cigar connoisseur has beaten the Cubans at their own game, winning first place in Havana’s prestigious international Habano Sommelier competition earlier this month.