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Briefly - August 25, 2018

Overpriced toll road

Lowering the excessive costs of using the Guadalajara macrolibramiento (outer city ring road) will be high among the topics due to be discussed by the National Auto Transportation and Cargo Chamber with president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s transition team in coming days. 

Visionary GDL startup begins free recycling pickups via WhatsApp

“As far as we know, we’re the first in the world to offer this type of service – done through social media and giving our users financial incentives,” says Gilgamesh Angeles, a partner in a new Guadalajara business, RecyBank, that picks up a range of refuse at local homes, schools and businesses and, as the name implies, pays participants cash, products or services once they recycle a ton.

City sets yet another Guinness record

No doubt Guadalajara will soon be claiming a new Guinness record for the most Guinness records set by a single city.

Burn victim dies a week after return from Texas

Elizabeth de la Rosa, who suffered burns on 90 percent of her body in a bus fire set by a drug cartel in Guadalajara last May, died Monday of multiple organ failure.

Via RecreActiva branches out

The Via RecreActiva, the program in which 50 miles of metro-area avenues and trees are closed to traffic on Sundays to prioritize activities such as cycling, walking, jogging and skating, is to be extended another 7.7 kilometers to the south of the city.

Tea, Taiwan style, arrives in Guadalajara

Getting word of Nohm-Cha, a new Taiwanese tea house near the U.S. Consulate, intrigued me. So-called bubble tea and tapioca tea have reared their heads around Guadalajara.

Canadian man dies in mall shooting

Gunman opened fire outside a shopping mall in Guadalajara’s Providencia neighborhood Wednesday evening, killing a Canadian man and injuring three others, Jalisco’s Attorney General informed local media Thursday.