Last updateFri, 19 Oct 2018 7am

Pan Am Games ‘legacy’ didn’t extend to athletes’ village

Almost seven years after Guadalajara hosted the 16th Pan American Games, the “village” built to house athletes of many nations on the outskirts of the city lies abandoned, with scant maintenance and a bleak future.

Chapalita gets US$2.6 million makeover

Residents living in and around the Chapalita neighborhood in Zapopan – keep your fingers crossed!

The Mariachi Festival lowdown

It comes around once a year, and when it does, it brings a whole lot of noise and celebration to the Guadalajara metropolitan area, laced up in trajes de charro and gently swelling strings, belting brass and rhythmic guitar.

Bread rolls stuffed with curious filling

Customs officers intercepted an bizarre shipment of cocaine in the cargo area of the Guadalajara Airport this week.

Taking the train to better health

The non-profit Fundacion Grupo México has come up with a novel idea to make added use of Jalisco’s train tracks – now used exclusively to move cargo or take tourists to Tequila – and improve citizens’ health into the bargain.