Last updateFri, 17 Nov 2017 11am

FBI Most Wanted nabbed in GDL

A Chicago man police say ordered the killing and burning of a 15-year-old boy after he refused to flash a gang sign in 2009 was arrested last Saturday in Guadalajara after eight years on the run, the FBI announced Sunday.

Mariachi Festival winds down

Here are some of the remaining free events scheduled for the final weekend of the city’s International Mariachi Festival.

Catholics protest as ‘Sincretismo’ row escalates

Saturday, August 26, devout Catholics in Guadalajara gave air to their outrage at what they see as the sacrilegious nature of a piece of public art erected last month on Calzada Federalismo, combining as it does Catholic iconography with that of a “pagan” religion. 

Tapatios view eclipse

Although only a few Tapatios in the city center seemed especially interested in last Monday’s solar eclipse, the event hosted by the University of Guadalajara Astronomy and Meteorology Institute was well attended, drawing 400 people, including many children.

Kumamoto leads activism conference

Independent Jalisco congressman Pedro Kumamoto and political organization Wikipolitica Jalisco are behind “La Ocupacion,” a four-day conference/incubator (Wednesday, August 30 to Saturday, September 2)

Downtown merchants fed up with subway line’s delayed completion

The economic woes brought on by construction of the number three Tren Ligero (subway) line along Avenida Alcalde in the Guadalajara city center may be the Klieg light that throws into glaring relief the neglect that has plagued el centro historico for decades, leading, perhaps, to a long overdue revival.