Last updateFri, 20 Apr 2018 9am

Cannabis fans gather for a medical marijuana confab

Last year, the sale of medical marihuana was approved by Mexico’s federal government.  However, there remains a thicket of red tape to be untangled before the law is actually enacted.

Spanish director receives lifetime achievement award

At the recent Guadalajara International Film Festival, legendary Spanish director Carlos Saura, 86, was the subject of a career retrospective at the University of Guadalajara’s Catedra Julio Cortazar, where he participated in a dialogue with producer Antonio Saura, his son, and received the Mayahuel International award.

Mexico’s largest tech convention lands at Expo Guadalajara

Expo Guadalajara, that most promiscuous of event spaces, is set to host yet another outsize happening, the gargantuan Mexican tech convention known as Talent Land, Tuesday, April 2 to Friday, April 6.

First ever nudist festival coming to GDL

In a Youtube video, a young man named Hector Martinez sits cross-legged in the middle of a white net hammock, naked except for a natty blue-black scarf tied around his neck. 

Water shortages hitting Guadalajara neighborhoods

Water shortages in many zones of the Guadalajara metropolitan area are being put down to increased demand due to the excessively high temperatures, in addition to problems affecting supply via the old Atequiza canal that pumps thousands of gallons of H20 from Lake Chapala to the city every day.