Last updateFri, 27 Mar 2020 10am

Prank calls flood 911 service

The 911 emergency service in Guadalajara is being plagued by prank calls.

Meting out justice

In another case of vigilante justice, a man accused of sexual abuse is tied to a post and beaten by a woman with a stick.

Retired soldier is hero of mall Ishop raid

A security guard held off four armed men who tried to rob Apple’s Ishop store in Guadalajara’s Centro Magno Mall Monday, October 21.

Airbnb booms in Guadalajara

Guadalajara recently placed ninth on Airbnb’s list of 20 top trending destinations for 2020.

E-scooter trial set for November

Firms operating electric scooter sharing ventures are chomping at the bit to get their services up and running in metro-area Guadalajara.

Uber, Didi drivers fear for their lives

Some 250 Uber and Didi drivers staged protests outside their respective headquarter offices to draw attention to safety issues following the recent murder of a Uber chofer in Guadalajara.