Last updateFri, 17 May 2019 2pm

Chapala maps out official bus routes

In a move aimed at alleviating traffic congestion and increasing the efficiency of public transportation, the Chapala municipal government is developing a plan to formalize local bus routes and establish safe pickup and drop-off points for passengers.

Municipal traffic cops get busy

Chapala’s municipal Traffic Department has initiated enforcement of the local transit code, with 45 tickets issued during the first week since the regulations took effect on March 11. 

Bank freezes city hall account

In another blow to the Chapala government’s finances, one of its bank accounts has been partially frozen to guarantee payment of an alleged 2.5-million-peso debt inherited from the previous municipal administration.

A boost for green spaces

Chapala Mayor Moisés Anaya  joined Ajijic administrator Juan Ramón Flores for the March 14 delivery of assorted work tools and supplies purchased to enhance the upkeep of green areas in Chapala’s five satellite towns.

Chapala area bloodbath spreads

A man and woman were gunned down in Jocotepec on Wednesday, March 13, in the latest rash of violent crimes reported in the lakeshore region. The fatal incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. at a restaurant located on Calle Vicente Guerrero between the intersections of Zaragoza and Niños Héroes where the female victim, age 35, was hit by seven bullets and the male, age 50, with four shots.