Last updateFri, 07 Dec 2018 11am

Smog-check dodgers to be targeted

Jalisco’s Transportation Department (Secretaria de Movilidad or Semov) is about to start a crackdown on vehicles circulating without up-to-date “verificación vehicular” (obligatory emissions test) stickers.

First communion package is anything but holy

Following last week’s cocaine bust of a shipment of bread rolls, canines working with federal customs agents at the Guadalajara International Airport this week discovered a small quantity of heroin squeezed into a candle, part of a first communion “package” ready for dispatch to the United States.

Burn victim runs out of funds in US

The Jalisco government will pay all the hospital costs in the United States for “Elizabeth,” the Guadalajara woman severely burned in a bus fire set by cartel members in the wake of the attempted assassination of a former state attorney general in May.