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Music Appreciation Society to continue with expanded assembly

A sizable crowd that attended the community meeting on the future of the 20-year-old Music Appreciation Society (MAS) agreed, almost unanimously, against the dissolution of the organization.

The July 17 vote was not an official one as designated in the MAS constitution but appeared to galvanize the group’s board of directors.

President Kathleen Phelps rallied the community for new ideas and hands-on help.

“We are currently working with only five board members and need at least four more to spread the burden of work necessary to make MAS a viable entity,” she told the audience. “We need more supporters to join the general assembly to provide a broad spectrum of insights and opinions to move MAS forward. We want input. We don’t want to run on the brain power of just a few.”

MAS has been faced with declining ticket sales to its music events in recent years and suffers from a lack of volunteers willing to take on the chores associated with bringing first-rate musical acts to Lakeside.

Many of those attending the meeting offered their expertise and talents to keep MAS going. They included pledges to donate money, hold fund-raising events, house visiting artists and set up accounts for online financial donations.

Many also promised to make themselves available for the general assembly, which, according to Phelps, will be expanded.

The general assembly elects the board of directors. It has traditionally been made up of members formerly on the board of directors or appointed by past presidents. But many have moved away from the area, lost interest or died, leaving gaps in MAS’ mission to bring first-class music to Lakeside.

Filled with a new sense of purpose, MAS directors are working hard to provide online ticket sales but admit this might take a while. In the interim, they intend to start selling season tickets at the Lake Chapala Society, Mondays through Fridays, 10 a.m. to noon beginning on August 13 and Sundays, August 19 and 26, 10 a.m. to noon on Callejon Guadalupe Victoria on the east side of Ajijic’s principal plaza.


The schedule for next season includes:

December 4: Flamenco guitarists Jonathon “Juanito” Pascual and “El Periquin.

January 12 and 13: The Classical FX quartet from the Washington, D.C. Kennedy Center.

February 16: VIVA Flamenco! dancers with their new “Arabian Nights’ presentation.

March 23: Banderas Bay Jazz All-Stars.

Season tickets cost 1,300 pesos for premium center seats and 1,100 pesos for side seats.

Stay abreast of MAS activity by accessing the website at  www.masajijic.com. Any questions, suggestions or opinions are welcomed by Phelps. Call her at (376) 766-0010.

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