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Quartet of actors shine in smart play examining changing relationships

The second play of the Lakeside Little Theatre (LLT) season is the romantic drama “Time Stands Still” by Donald Margulies.

pg19Nominated for two Tony awards, the play opens with a montage of horrific war scenes.  Children pointing guns at each others’ heads, people dead, children dead.  All the horrors of war are revealed in the first five minutes of this production, setting the mood for the audience to enter the lives of two journalists who have been reporting from strife torn areas of the world for many years.

We are introduced to foreign correspondent James (Greg Custer) and his photojournalist girlfriend Sarah (Carolyn Cothran) in their New York loft apartment.   Sarah was wounded in the Iraq war and has been released into the care of James, who returned earlier from the war zone with emotional scars.  He has been shaken to the core after his terrible experiences and the near death of Sarah.

Back home, the couple are forced to face the prospect of a normal life. While James is delighted with the idea of never returning to the battleground, Sarah is appalled.  In her mind, she believes that reporting on the atrocities of the world will somehow help stop them.


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