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Hilarity streams forth at BRAVO! Theatre’s ‘Moonlight and Magnolias’

Ever wanted to peek into the office of a Hollywood movie executive? Now’s your chance.

BRAVO! Theatre’s “Moonlight & Magnolias” takes us to the office of producer David O. Selznick (Ken Yakiwchuk) as he transforms the best-selling book “Gone With the Wind” into a major motion picture. Let’s just say that this behind-the-scenes peek into movie-making isn’t pretty!

As we begin the story, Mr. Selznick has just halted production on “Gone with the Wind.” He needs a new director. And by the way, the entire screenplay must be rewritten. He calls in Hollywood’s premiere “rewrite guy” to take on this task. The challenges? Writer Ben Hecht (Randy Warren) hasn’t read the book and he has only five days to write the script.

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