Last updateFri, 22 May 2020 12pm


So, what’s the plan?

After a lot of neglect, lakeside’s crumbling roadways are finally getting much needed attention.

pg17aThat’s the good news. On the downside, works in progress are causing plenty of headaches to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Though most of us are accustomed to harrowing travel by whatever mode, the current projects have brought about new and scary perils.

Take for example the rehabilitation of the Chapala-Jocotepec highway and its adjacent ciclovía (cycling lane).  I for one have been hit with more than a few adrenaline rushes while trying to squeeze my four-wheel beast in the space between two tight lanes of traffic and the open ditches on the north side of Avenida Hidalgo.

When work crews first began digging up the street, I came across the engineers in charge of the project hobnobbing with a group of municipal officials. When their conversation ended, local reporters gathered around them for a quick sidewalk gaggle.


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