Last updateFri, 03 Apr 2020 2pm


Once upon a Quarantine

After waking up Wednesday morning and brewing a potent dose of coffee, I scrounged in the closet for the day’s attire.


I picked out my Demolition Derby tee-shirt, a souvenir from a long-ago trip to visit family in Ohio that I only wear when I’m in a peculiar frame of mind. It fit the mood on my first day of self-imposed quarantine against catching the coronavirus bug.

Like just about everyone else at lakeside, I was finally realizing the proximity of the pandemic was for real. The fact that I’m in the vulnerable age group was sinking in, making me ponder how to stay safe and best spend the idle weeks or months that lay ahead.

A first thought was to launch into a thorough spring cleaning of the homestead. It promises dual accomplishments of de-cluttering the premises and eradicating any cooties lurking around to threaten my family’s health. There’s plenty of purging to do, surely enough to stay occupied until Easter rolls around.

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