Last updateFri, 25 Sep 2020 8am


Save us from the infodemic

Anybody else out there feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the uproar about the Corona virus?

pg12With most everyone in the senior populace around here doing their best to stay hunkered down at home, lots of us are spending a lot of time trolling the internet and social media to keep up with what’s going on in the outside world.

While that may keep us safe from catching the dreaded disease, we are now exposed to another vicious threat: the infodemic. On the one hand it’s something that brings on mind-blowing information overload. On the other hand, it presents the daunting challenge of sorting out fact and fiction.

The prestigious Mexico newspaper La Jornada reports that a recent analysis by News Guard, a journalistic website that rates the credibility of news portals, concludes that “the misinformation about the corona virus outbreak is clearly outpacing the reliable information regarding its dissemination and interaction on social media across the world,” according to Universidad del Valle de México professor Rubén Uriel Rivero Pardo.

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