Last updateFri, 03 Jul 2020 9am


Mind your own beeswax

As the threat of catching the Corona virus seems to be mushrooming  on the local front, so too a pandemic of opinionated people spouting off about what everyone else should or should not be doing.

pg12aIt could be a phenomenon propitiated by being cooped up so much for weeks on end, or the frustrations of isolation and loneliness, or the broiling May temperatures aggravated by the relentless high-decibel buzzing of cicadas, or fear and loathing of an invisible enemy, or perhaps the sum total of all of the above.

Analyzing the cause is probably meaningless, but for anyone surfing around on social networks it’s pretty clear that there of plenty of folks going off the deep end.

When our mayor announced that Covid-19 had finally raised it ugly crowned head in our town this week, cranky critics came out of the woodwork like a fertile plague of cucarachas.  And it only got worse barely a day later when he came out with a retraction.

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