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Strange and obnoxious conduct

Considering the constant stream of criticism voiced by lots of foreign immigrants against our Mexican hosts, I’m fed up with some odd and downright offensive behavior I’ve witnessed lately. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so buckle up for return fire.

pg12I’ll start with a caveat that there are plenty of expats who appreciate Mexico’s finer qualities, pitch in generously to charitable causes and maintain civil discourse about the vagaries of life here. But there are some whose holier-than-thou attitudes and sense of entitlement blow me away..

Venturing out for chores last Saturday, the first thing that caught my eye was a long queue of people standing out the sidewalk in Villa Nova. My first thought was that it was a group of needy people waiting in line for free handouts of pantry goods. Then it registered that it was obviously a crowd of mostly non-natives awaiting the opening of a garage sale.

While there’s nothing inherently weird or untoward about such a scene, I found it peculiar that in a time we’ve been repeatedly reminded to avoid leaving home for non-essential activities, these bargain-hunters seemed so eager to get first crack at a bunch of used stuff.

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